Sunday, February 27, 2011

set two ...


feedback please set #1

these pictures should get bigger if you click on them..
thanks, beth

writing, etc....

ugh- haven't even first mailing isn't until the 21st, so i'm just reading my brains out...thoreau, the history of american transcendentalism, and I'm supposed to read moby dick- THAT'S not gonna happen (2000 pages) so I'm trying to find critical essays....anyone meet with their AT's yet? Mine (Carla Herrera -Prats) and I have been in touch, trying to meet in march- that thing's due tomorrow!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

writing the papers

How is writing the papers going for everyone? it can be tricky for me to switch gears from writing to making....

Feedback on an idea - Dirty Laundry

Years ago when we were back in Vermont, it turned out Janell and I were one of the last people to leave the campus. Every once in a while I would go over to the hall way for a drink of water. Each time I would walk by, this pile of dirty towels and bed sheets kept getting bigger and bigger. It also started to become more and more interesting to me because it started to touch on some of the ideas I've been playing with in my work. That's how we impact our surroundings and the physical marks that that leaves behind, along with the histories/stories these marks make. So I am going to show you the image I took followed by what I have in mind for a possible installation.

When I took this picture, there was a guy working and stacking the bags in the cart. So, I asked if it would be possible to not clean a pile of laundry (for a small fee thinking I could avoid transportation costs or at least reduce it) and he said NO. Can't be done. I haven't given up yet, but before I push the issue of finding out how I can get a pile of dirty laundry so I can install in the gallery, I thought I would ask for some input. I am thinking of having a pile of unclean laundry like this one in the gallery with digital images on paper of common household items  hung near somehow like: sinks, toilets, shower heads, soap, trash cans, etc. I didn't like my digital images and how I had mounted them. I am thinking flat transferred photos on to paper and either sand or see what comes off in the printer and work with that. I would try and recreate the image of a sink, etc by drawing in pencil or ink like an architect would very straight lines. This would contrast with the faded image on paper and relate back to the idea of memory, histories, impacts, and the pile of dirty laundry next to the images.

Space4art Gallery Opening - Feb. 24, 2011

This is a somewhat new studio/gallery space in what we call the East Village of downtown San Diego. There's a few live/work lofts inside, too. It is a huge space that takes up a whole city block. I am hoping to get a studio space if they think I am worthy. You have to be interviewed and demonstrate you are a "serious artist". I think you have to have paint or something on your clothes the day of the interview?
This is my favorite artist of the night: Claire Zitzow. She used photo images and used installation elements like the wood you see to create a dialog between the each of the pieces. 

May-ling Martinez 
I had met May-ling months before when she was working on the drawings of this huge piece. This is only a small section. It fills up two walls of the second gallery.
I don't remember the name of this art because I felt a need to get out of her studio before I became one of her installations. There was freshly cut oranges, sound, so there was this overwhelming sensory overload going on. Yes, that's fresh sod on top of the roof of her little house. She wasn't in the main gallery or a part of the opening. She lives in the space and just opened her studio with this installation, which many of the artist with studios there do on opening nights. She told me it was a work in progress and she was planning on including a performance of some kind along with the installation. The little character inside is looking at a broken table and there are large wooden spoons, etc hanging from the ceiling. 

I'll try to keep posting interesting openings or shows that come up throughout the year. 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thought you might all like this... I did!

" we give long preparations for some object, planning and delving and fashioning, and then, when the actual hour for doing arrives, find ourselves still quite unprepared, and tumble together, letting hurry and crudeness tell the story better than fine work."  - Walt Whitman

Possible advice for the future?

Hope you are all well!!! 


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

San Diego...

This is one of the parks I am responsible the upkeep. La Jolla Cove, notice the guy with no shirt. This was Monday morning, the very next day I returned from Vermont.
This is Windansea Beach. It was a huge contrast for me when I came back home, but I think I'm over it now.
This is Wendy, Peanut and myself this Saturday morning at the top of Cowles Mountain. I don't think I'll have any posts of new work for awhile, since I still need to meet with my A/T. I don't want you all to think that it's all palm trees and bikinis here in San Diego, we get rain every once in awhile.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

chelsea candy store

I had some time to kill on my nyc job and I checked out one street worth of shows- christian vincent at mike weiss gallery and gillian carnegie at andrea rosen, with dave, my twin bro as proof...
I miss my vaudevillian peeps......seems so long ago now it's freakin me out! Janell- I was probably 200 yards from you last week! but time we'll have to hang...

I'm in

Thank you Beth!
 Don't know why, but this time it let me in. I didn't do anything different. Hopefully you all got my emails though. Thinking of you all with fondness..........................j

Vaudeville is Nothing Without an Accordion

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day Vaudevillans!

post something cool....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

places here

here is the church where my studio is and , then Belmont . well part of it at least ... these are both very large old buildings.

and then it snowed after i added this post... here is the edit :)
hi all, here are some pictures of the gallery and my house . more soon of the studio and belmont.

Cold and clear up here.

Hi all.

Cold here -12 at 9.

Spent a little time shoveling snow. Here are some pics of my world here:

This is my house yesterday.

Back gate to the chicken house prior to digging.

My studio (with all of it under the tarp in front). Mine tailings in the background

Naked studio

Naked studio from front door

My house this morning -12 degrees and sunny


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

are we ok with our name?

just a thought- matt whitney and I were talking and his class thought their possible name, "the sentimentalists" would be funny because faith would actually have to say it several times during grad. and it would make her cringe....I'm throwing the name "the cylons" out there- can you imagine her saying THAT? anyway, just a thought, I'll shut up about it, vaudeville's good...more pics including naked Colin!