Sunday, February 27, 2011

writing, etc....

ugh- haven't even first mailing isn't until the 21st, so i'm just reading my brains out...thoreau, the history of american transcendentalism, and I'm supposed to read moby dick- THAT'S not gonna happen (2000 pages) so I'm trying to find critical essays....anyone meet with their AT's yet? Mine (Carla Herrera -Prats) and I have been in touch, trying to meet in march- that thing's due tomorrow!!


  1. Excellent! I love Thoeau... and I LOVE Moby Dick...You should look into a recent book called "All things Shining" - good read, and has a really interesting section on Moby Dick... Here's a link:

    Good Luck!


  2. my first mailing is due march 4th , yikes!... i have meet with my A.T. twice, and am setting up things and taking pictures although i dont think they will still be photographs by the time they get to vermont .

  3. Beth,

    The thingy I believe Jon is talking about it the studio plan on the 28th of Feb. Of course if you have not met like me until the 28th or if you don't have one yet, I think they understand there is some time.