Saturday, February 26, 2011

Space4art Gallery Opening - Feb. 24, 2011

This is a somewhat new studio/gallery space in what we call the East Village of downtown San Diego. There's a few live/work lofts inside, too. It is a huge space that takes up a whole city block. I am hoping to get a studio space if they think I am worthy. You have to be interviewed and demonstrate you are a "serious artist". I think you have to have paint or something on your clothes the day of the interview?
This is my favorite artist of the night: Claire Zitzow. She used photo images and used installation elements like the wood you see to create a dialog between the each of the pieces. 

May-ling Martinez 
I had met May-ling months before when she was working on the drawings of this huge piece. This is only a small section. It fills up two walls of the second gallery.
I don't remember the name of this art because I felt a need to get out of her studio before I became one of her installations. There was freshly cut oranges, sound, so there was this overwhelming sensory overload going on. Yes, that's fresh sod on top of the roof of her little house. She wasn't in the main gallery or a part of the opening. She lives in the space and just opened her studio with this installation, which many of the artist with studios there do on opening nights. She told me it was a work in progress and she was planning on including a performance of some kind along with the installation. The little character inside is looking at a broken table and there are large wooden spoons, etc hanging from the ceiling. 

I'll try to keep posting interesting openings or shows that come up throughout the year. 


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